Ali Pasandideh

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Ali Pasandideh was born in 1978; his passion and obsession to the art of calligraphy starts from his early years in junior school but with limited educational resources back in his home town and his dream to become a professional artist, in 1999 he moves to Mashhad as soon as he become 21. he starts his professional career in Mashhad and become a member of Iran calligraphers association; with completing his mastering course now days he become of the best calligraphy teachers that the association has seen by now. as a member of Iran’s visual arts development organization; he has the honor to become the Supervisor for the Sarakhs Branch of Iran Calligraphers association for nearly 1.5 years; he also holds couple calligraphy courses in Iran's Persian language center in Ankara (turkey). Mr. Pasandideh starts his Exhibitions from the year 2002 and in 2005 he achieved the first place for the calligraphy art for nastaligh in Mashhad. In his nearly 18 years of professional career, he holds numerous exhibition and courses both in Iran and Foreign countries and his art works was able to become so popular in Countries like Turkey, Tajikistan, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan. He also holds more than 13 solo exhibitions both in Iran and foreign countries.
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