Artists for Plasco

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After the call by Honargardi (visual arts website) for an exhibition in order to gather artworks created by artists in appreciation of Plasco heroes, the firefighters, the editorial of Honargardi announces: “First of all, we thank the artists for their unique appreciation of Plasco Heroes. Such “Artistic Response” to honor the highest human trait “Sacrifice”, should be noted and herewith we take a bow to each and every artist who was touched by this national disaster and created a piece of art. Also because of the large number of received artworks and limitation of exhibition space we had to select some. It should be noted that the artworks on display are beyond just a visual arts exhibition and our aim was to emphasis on “non-silent art community” as part of the dynamic and impactful society.” The opening is on Friday Jan. 27th with the presence of some of the firefighters from Firefighting Department. The visitors can visit the exhibition Friday Jan. 27th to Thursday Feb. 2nd from 4 to 8 pm.