Nona Habib Elahian

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My name is Nona Habib Elahian. I am 30 years old . I studied IT at Elmi Karbordi university. I can speak 5 languages . I have C1 in Italian & English B1 in Spanish and B2 in German & French .I have been teaching languages in different language schools and I also have a number of private pupils . In addition I have six years of experience teaching different universities including Tehran university, Amirkabir university and Elmosanat university. However , my passion has always been making jewelry and about 2 years ago, I met Mr Arash Mola Gholipour and we started working together. Since then, I feel I have been inspired to make better works of art.Some of my leisure activities are playing the piano , making broken tile art and sewing . It goes without saying that i am an animal lover
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