Omid Salamat Panah

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It was March 9th, 1989 and the warmth was telling that the spring is near. in the midday, a pleasant rainy day, in the “Golsar” neighborhood, the third child of the family was born and named “Omid” … It was just months after the war and in those hard days, even a birth could bring some hope … Omid’s childhood was full of love for greenery and painting … Everyone in the family has a memory of Omid with his painting book alongside flowers and color pencils … He always carried this love with himself like a twin … After school, he entered the university and got his B.A. degree in Industrial Management which was never in sync with his soul and just remained in a folder … Now he is twenty-nine and still painting flowers, or an old house with white walls and blue windows, a balcony full of flowers and birds, his own grandmother’s house and painting a garden of his dreams … Doing some carpentry here, some cardboard statue there, pouring his dreams in them … and sometimes writing a poem or taking photos clumsily … He tries to paint with just a pen in this vast world of painting … Now that I’ve got just one step to the thirties I know that an artistic sight will make an artist … Regenerate me with your artistic look …