Solo Photography Exhibition by Faraz Habiballahian

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Aliha Gallery cordially invites you and your companion to visit the current exhibition by Faraz Habibalahian: Opening: May 26, 2017 - 4-8PM On the statement  has written:
One Thousand and Two Nights are a first night after a Millennium that photographer leaves behind to face with himself and the new world in front him. Here the artist has faced questions – with the resulting changes in the coordinates of space and time. – Where time supposed to be born along now and of the past. If the past extends into the future, then what would be the result? Are we going to be able to reconstruct the characteristics of today's aesthetics, speed and transient? What would be the result of such transformation? Can we figure it will only apply to prospective and without perspective, the world of their construction, light engineering in today and rebuild? The photographer is creating a new world of social time axis that results from images of the unknown.
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