Yeganeh Dehnavi

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Yeganeh Dehnavi was born on April 9, 1995. She has Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Decorative and Environmental Graphics from the University of the Furniture and Decoration Association. She says about her artwork:
Beauty is the soul of art and art is a flow ,epitomizing our inside secrets. Illustrates our inner universe. Dyes are strins playing songs of spirit.which inspire life .I'm enjoying paintings and colors for years. My paintings are my discernments from my childhood up to now. They manifested my pains,my sorrows, they had danced my joys .i have my own motifs and style coming out of my own name,'yeganeh' a girl like her soul. My style is dancing of colors,hammering them by my own fingers. I believe in having a direct connection with i put aside my pen .i dare my senses by a finger rotation or pounding colors on canvas, and eventually i created my own art . I am an abstract artist, in a spiritual world, for away from reality but at least, close to my being that colors are revealing it.not an exact picture. An identity similar to a secret. Every individual conceives it with their own real life.
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